Fun Outdoor Activities in Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX is likely not the first place that your mind’s eye conjures up when the words “The Great Outdoors,” “Mother Nature,” or “natural splendor” are brought up in a conversation. There are no giant swaths of majestic mountains like one might find in the Western half of the United States, you’d be hard-pressed to find many rainforests or volcanos in the suburbs of North Texas, and waterfront property is… Scarce, to say the least. However, just because Frisco isn’t overflowing with very large, notorious staples of outdoor fun does not mean that there aren’t opportunities to get out and enjoy some fresh air. There are plenty of different alternatives for fun outdoor activities in and around the DFW area, including Frisco! Let’s walk through some of the options below:

Make use of Frisco’s highly regarded park system.

There are over 1300 acres of land that fall under the jurisdiction of Frisco’s Parks and Recreation program, spread out across over 40 separate locations. But the sheer size and scope of the system is not what makes it so impressive, nor is it the remarkably well-maintained nature of these places (as far as public space goes). Rather, it is the diversity of options included in these spaces. From the Frisco Dog Park to enjoy with your canine companion, to a replica miniature Fenway Park built within Harold Bacchus Community Park, there is no shortage of interesting options in this park system!

Hit the trails.

There are more than 90 miles of paved and natural trails winding their way throughout the city of Frisco, a pretty extensive trail system for a town of its size. If you’re ever looking to get outside and get some fresh air, you can always make use of them to get some exercise! Whether you’re going for a casual stroll hoping to catch some wildlife or training to run in a marathon, Frisco has plenty of options to accommodate you.

Go for a bike ride.

Speaking of trails, Frisco is also notable for its embrace of biking and cycling. Never mind the growing community of cyclists here that only seems to be expanding, Frisco has been designated by the League of American Bicyclists as a “Bicycle Friendly Community,” a distinction made only more impressive by the fact that it is one of just eight such places with the designation in the state of Texas! Many of the trails mentioned in the preceding paragraph allow cyclists, in addition to significant street options and accommodations as well.

Enjoy the Frisco Square.

Perhaps the *laziest* activity mentioned among our options, settling into a spot in the park with a blanket, a book, and a charcuterie board is not exactly considered vigorous exercise. However, if you’re looking to enjoy good weather or beautiful scenery without breaking any kind of serious sweat, the Frisco Square might be a good place to check out.

Looking for some fun in the sun? Be sure to check out our list of some of the best fun outdoor activities in Frisco, TX with something for everyone.

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